Apple Thief non-alcoholic cider takes off

Is that wine for sale in the petrol station? Well yes... but look again. And is that my favourite cider in the fridge at my corner store? You don't have to look too far to discover one of the biggest trends in drinks: zero alcohol beverages.

All the taste with zero alcohol

At Apple Thief we've recently launched our first non-alcoholic Pink Lady cider. It's got all the credentials, taste and colour of our regular ciders, but without the alcohol content. We thought the launch was perfect time to look at trends in non-alcoholic drinks... so we put on our researcher's hat to consult with Professor Google as well as the Apple Thief's own Dave Purcell.

The global pandemic seemed enough to drive anyone to drink, but it seems the opposite is true. IWSR is a drinks market analysis company that evaluates trends and market forces driving the global beverage alcohol industry.  In their "No and Low-Alcohol Strategic Study 2021" they observed that overall alcohol volume consumption declined by 10% in 2020.

While alcohol consumption declined, IWSR forecasts that in Australia the low and no-alcohol market will grow by 16%+ from 2020 to 2024. In the same period, global growth is estimated at a massive 31%.

On trend around the world

The global pandemic quickly changed the way we consumed alcohol. Many bars and restaurants were, of course, closed for extended periods, but many were able to pivot to takeaway menus which, thanks to a loosening of licensing laws, included a tidal wave of pre-mixed, or ready to mix take-away cocktails.

So while there was plenty of opportunity to drink differently at home, it was balanced for many by a desire to take a more health conscious approach to drinking : drink less but drink better, drink 'special' but alcohol free,  and mix up old routines. This growing trend to moderation has led to growing demand for reduced alcohol or alcohol free drinks.

What does Dave have to say?

Apple Thief founder Dave Purcell says he was inspired to create the non-alcoholic Pink Lady cider due to growing demand at events and festivals. " We haven't been on the festival fields for a bit but when we do, I know the N/A Pink Lady will be in big demand." says Dave. " During lockdown we've fitted out our retro caravan bar and we can't wait to roll it out for some summer fun. The new Pink Lady is a perfect way to refresh between sets."

Dave says that the cocktail and mocktail trends have seen the new no-alcohol Pink Lady cider warmly welcomed by mixologists and bar owners. "Apple Thief can bring the flavour while other shots can bring the booze. I also see the demand there for people wanting something lighter on alcohol early on in the week. Even with no alcohol at all an Apple Thief cocktail can still feel special."

Whether you're 'sober curious', drinking clean or cutting back on the booze – or maybe you just want a bloody delicious cider –  keep an eye out for the new Apple Thief non-alcoholic Pink Lady cider now.

Where we hide out...

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