The Apple Thief premium ciders are lovingly crafted from 100% fruit, freshly pilfered and pressed at our Cidery in Batlow, NSW.
With nothing artificial, no added sugars and no juice concentrates, we’ve got nothing to hide. Steal a taste today.

Our family tree

We’re super proud of all our gang and hate playing favourites... but don’t mind if you do.
Pluck your preferred fruit to discover tasting notes, food matches and more.

Born and bred in Batlow

Nestled in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in NSW, Batlow is the little town with a big
reputation for Australia’s best apples, grown here for more than a century.
Batlow also has a reputation as a town with big fighting spirit after the bushfires of 2020
ripped through the region. Click below for more of our story

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Latest news, reviews and happenings from The Apple Thief

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Hot Off The Cider Press

Latest news, reviews and happenings from The Apple Thief

Where we hide out...

Discover where to nab a taste of your favourite Apple Thief Cider at your nearest bottle shop, restaurant or bar. If you can't find us nearby, drop us an email and we'll see if we can hit up your favourite local.