Any fruit grower knows that the finest fruit often sits right at the top of the tree where it ripens to perfection in the sun. It also means the local apple thieves can spot it from miles around. In honour of the scamps who love our fruit as much as we do, we’ve adopted a cheeky, thieving bird as our mascot. Fortunately, there’s always enough fruit to share... and to create our award-winning ciders for you.

Say G’day to Dave

Our fearless founder Dave Purcell was practically born under an apple tree. He grew up on the family farm in Batlow where his Dad first planted an orchard of stone fruits and apple trees.

Dave's first dive into cider used fruit from his family's own orchards. His ciders proved so popular that Dave was soon buying in fruit from friends and family, supporting local growers throughout the Batlow region. Local fruit is still the preferred juice for crafting The Apple Thief Ciders. To bring you the very best premium ciders, Dave's made it a rule to only use pure fruit juice and never juice concentrate... so every cider is 100% fruit, 100% natural and 100% delicious.

Comparing apples with apples

From old orchard rarities to new fruit hybrids, Dave knows where to find the fruit that will make the very best ciders. Apples have been a key part of Batlow's economy and history for over 120 years. With an elevation of around 800m above sea level, deep rich soils and generally consistent rainfall, Batlow's sub-alpine location and climate provides a sweet spot for growing the tastiest and juiciest apples around.

Where we hide out...

Discover where to nab a taste of your favourite Apple Thief Cider at your nearest bottle shop, restaurant or bar. If you can't find us nearby, drop us an email and we'll see if we can hit up your favourite local.